02 July 2012

Kejutan untuk Ms As 2/7/2012

To be Honest today is unexpected thing happen  in my life
Entry ini akan ditaip-taip laju.............tau  
I'm the Best Presenter of Seminar Pengurusan Pasca Siswazah IM772 /2012 owhk
Sangat tak sangka beacuse Ms As sebenarnya seorang yang sanagtlah tak confidentnyer becakap di depan orang ramai,because sebutan R Ms As  sangtalah menagangu pendengran sesiapa je......(Percayalah).,dan bila Ms As Nerbes totally my word akan berterabur macam apa nth,and soon i will become stuttered 
Its true  =.=
But,totally Im wrong......:P
Congratulation Ms As
Proud of you (dalam diam)
Setiausaha Program Merangkap Pembentang Terbaik Program ek....
Ok. Pictured will update soon ^_^
Thank You sudi baca
(Sangat Segan sebenarnyaaaaaaaaaaaa............Rasa Macam Mimpi lagi tau..)
Ok larikkkkkkkkk...bye


Anonymous said...

tahniah Cik As...(",)

Miss Red said...

Anonymous: Thank You..^_&

Alia Rahmat said...

Congrates kakak! haihh~ bila lah alia nak jadi macam kakak. rasa mcm dah tak tertanggung dah beban ni nak kena hadap semua ni. tough gilaaa.. fikiran bercelaru je... semua benda tak kena =='

Anonymous said...

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