19 May 2012

"Segmen : Post my blog feed!!"

To Ms Librarian :).Im a Future Ms Librarian ^_^
Done Joint Segment
"Segmen : Post my blog feed!!
Here are the terms and Conditions:) 

1) Folo ke tak folo, tak kisah. on aje..
2) Buat 1 entry bertajuk "Segmen : Post my blog feed!!" , buh header blog maera sprt diatas beserta link ke entry ini. pastu nak bebel ape2 kat entry tu, ikut suke anda la ye.
3) Terhad utk 20 blog saja. Each 1 blog berhak dpt 2 minggu blog feed di page maera.
4) Follower must be lower than 500. Kalau dh ramai follower tu, tak perlu la ye.kite tolong glamerkan blogger2 baru. =)
5) Buh juga blog feed sy di blog anda (jika terpilih) selama 2 minggu. kire mcm give n take. i help u, u help me, we r happy family. hehe~

6) opss... jgn lupe tinggalkan link entry anda tu di comment entry ini ya. =)

Tarikh tutup : 21hb May 2012 bersamaan Isnin depan, jam 12 tghmalam. (ATAU selagi tak cukup 20 blog)

Thank You Maera :)


Mr.B[e]ave[R] said...

lawatan dari segmen post my blog feed

jemput singgah

Miss Red said...

tq melawat kite...kiter terjah balikmdan follow..:)

Anonymous said...

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