23 November 2011

WANTED : Blog link for Khumaera Ismail bloglists Siri 3

5th segment

Actually rasa sangat  teruja nak joint segment Ms Khumeera (selalu tengok segment macam segan-segan je nak joint) because she is Librarian
and I am librarian to Be.InsyAllah...

Dear Ms Librarian,
I was so excited to finished my Master and hope can be a Ms Librarian same like you.
Because being librarian is one of my intention and dream to be.
No matter what others talking and underestimate about this profession,
its will not make me felt frustrated and discourage
As long as we know and like what we doing
its doesnt matter rite 
Just Put an effort and istiqamah on that
Allah will never disappointed you

Ms As
Comel kan dia..Followers pun ramai....All The Best Sis
Ok Done!!!

Yay Saya dah pun joint
Anda Bila lagi (^_________^)


AliaJustea said...

waahh .. masing2 librarian .

ceriteraliyana said...

yuhuuu!! tinkerbell datand dari segmen yang same,,=))

k.h.a.l.i.l.a said...

halluuu ^_^.. salam kenal. dri bloglist Maera.