13 November 2010

Dedicated to Puan Yakmah Binti Karso..

Mak kita nyawa kita..:)
Salam Hari Lahir Mak
Words Definitely can't express how much we needs
you and love you
You still and still the one that i adore for
You are my idol and main reason i want to stay here
Hoping that Good will always bless and love you
Until the end of my life i hopes that i can be with you
And you will see how far i want to go...
Its all is about you "Mak"
You always be there for me..
You always support and encouraged us
You enlightened my world..
My journey become peaceful and smooth because of you..
Without your pray...I will definitely being stuck and troublesome,
My journey will be not easy as i want too Mak
Even though "Abah" was not here with us Mak
We will definitely will make your life happy and meaningful....
That what we want to promise.....
p/s:From the bottom of my heart...:I love you....externally and internally....inside and outside.. rightside and leftside..,indirectly and directly...forever.Its must be you.."Mak".Must be you..

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