11 October 2010

Love this Book

Mayada a Daughter of Iraq and My Sister Keeper.Those are two books that i purchased during program in Jelebu.Two book that i can't wait to read until the end of page.Two books that have a power of courage in striving and fighting her life...Hoping that  i will learn  as much as i can in this best selling book.
P/s:Sekarang nie antara buku yang sangat-sangat aku inginkan ialah buku travelog Cinta Abadi:Satu Perjalanan.....hmm.


Ija said...

as, t ak nk pinjm baca ye....later ak wat interlibrary loan kt ko...(^_^)

rEDS gO tEGETHER said...

boleh dear...ape sahaja...hahah...mesti ko dah tengok citer 2 kan....:(