29 June 2010

Dont hate the past...is all about you..:)

We cannot hate yesterday

We cannot hate history

We cannot run from our mistake

We cannot says no before we are try
We cannot blame others for our mistake

We cannot avoid from any problem

We cannot simply take everything easy

We cannot hate others to satisfied our heart

We cannot regret the past

We cannot hate the past

We cannot lie our self

We cannot leave the past
We cannot..............................

But we must always learn from it
Even its hard to bear
its hard to face
Its hard to do
Its hard to work
But life itself is a learning process right
No matter what we face,what we get,what we had been through
Its ok...its fine.You can take it.

Always believe and believe on this

Allah always besides you,Allah knows your better than them,Allah will always will guide your journey..Help you to make a right decision...With the guidance Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah you will be ok and save..

p/s:Forgive and forget its hard but its will be easier when you are sincere accept all of last of the rukun iman.(Believe on Qada and Qadar Allah). No matter what "Please Dont hate the past.The past is you,the past is something that can your learn and hold it.The pass will give you a transformation of our life..

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