11 December 2009

My First activities semester break...

Minggu Pertama Cuti Semester Break

Taklimat Traesure Race 2009
20 November 2009
Friday Evening

This is my first activities that i want
to share with all of you for this semester break
Treasure Race 2009
is one of exciting activities organized by
Exco Kebajikan
Parlimen Parit sulong with cooperation with
KoPuteri and organize by Equity Force Sdn Bhd

In this briefing we were explained on what
the rules and condition that participants must follow
and apply during the treasure race day
According to En Shamsudin(Chief Project).
There have around 26 team that had been submit
their registration form and they still waiting one more
team to submit their form.There have 10 checkpoint
and 7 Marshell are responsible to monitor and control
in every checkpoint.There was no fee at all with not more
than five members in one of group.

As for me ,this is first activities ever i heard in
our Parlimen area.Eventhough i personally did not
joint on this activities as a participants ,I was
very excited to see all of passionate and their spirit
to involved in this activities.After around one and half hour
briefing to all of representative in all of team.Its time
for Marshell to know their task and duty.

Im was shocked when realize and knows that
im only one ladies who get involved as marshell in this
activities.huhu.perhaps im only one young ladies here.
.I felt sooooo nervous and aware that
more than ten eyes who looked at me with their weird and
freak feelings.

En Shamsuddin was asked me more than three times
am i was a marshell or not..What im doing is i was give
him a smile and confidently admit it.:).So as marshell we were
informed directly on what they was already plan in every checkpoint,
what was the things that the participants must do,what exactly our responsibilty
and how to monitoring all of them.En Shamsuddin also has given us oppurtunity
to choosed partner and checpoint that we want to look out .So I and Mr Rasid was
choose Seri wangi.