15 November 2009

Welcome Semester Break..

Welcome Semester Break..

Yup Most Welcome...
I got it and I Hold it..
After pushing and go through too much works and things
in this semester ...
Nows its time to break!!!

First things come around in my head.
This coming semeter break..
seems to a lot of things that i must involve
and put some afford to go for it..
Definitely mentally and physical must be in a well
and good condition

2 weeks ago..i received sms from my super chairman
in our society....Mr Rashid..haha..
He was asked me what kind of activities should we plan and
organize for ours club..
Im still thingking the suitable one...
Mayb its gonna be
-Family day
-Gotong Royong
-1 Malaysia activity..

But im still not discover yet the whole
site what activities my mind..
Thats why whatever it is...
a musyawarah and discussion is very important
in a one society in whatever we gonna be plan.
Mayb we think that we got some brilliant
idea but forget such a little things that
will disturb our plan.

Hmm but the important things is a commitment
and cooperation from others.Im reliaze and recognize to satisfy
and convincing all people around me is a big challenge
and difficult one to us.Im already had beeen through this situation.
Its really sad and dissapointed when some of the people just critize
and dont believe with at all with our ability...
But its normal..people is like that rite..:)

I Hope will do it again somethings that will
give a benefit and good impact with everybody around me.
Thank Allah made my dream becomes true and real....
_@s-Merah terus mekar mara-amin.

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